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The Werkelkueche is a gender-open activity workstation that enables children to immerse themselves in free play worlds. It combines the formal and aesthetic features of children's kitchens and workbenches. Therefore the Werkelkueche offer diverse possibilities to play. The curved plywood worktop can be used as a sink, workshop or ski slope. The side compartments can provide storage and hiding space or bake crispy rolls. With the help of the colorful and interchangeable tools, children can realize their ideas and imitate the world of adults in a playful way.

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Rockit attaches to any pram or stroller and gently rocks to soothe babies to sleep or keep them asleep when the stroller comes to a halt. Rockit is attached using a 2-fix system so can be switched to another pram or stored when not in use. The speed control allows you to tune Rockit to the resonant frequency of any pram or stroller to achieve the perfect rock that makes the baby believe they are still being pushed along. Scientific tests show the vibration level closely mimics the normal hand rocking of a stroller and the soothing movement is gentler than a pram moving over paving stones.

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Breast-feel Baby Bottle

Using bionic technology, the shape and touch of the bottle is more like mother's breast. It allows the baby to directly adapt to the breast milk bottle, reducing the mother's anxiety and the baby's unsuitability. In order to make the using of the feeding bottle more as breast feeding, a certain ergonomic design has been made, optimizing the feeding bottle and making it easier to adapt. The overall touch and feeling allow mothers to hold and use for babies at ease.

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Medapti, an adapter for oral baby syringes, was designed to provide users with a simple to use tool to make administering medicine more efficient than the conventional method of using a syringe alone. Simplicity and safety were the core elements behind the design. Medapti is a one-piece product composed of a soft mouthguard and a tube where a syringe is simply pushed inside after it has been filled with the dose of medication. The adapter's unique shape not only stops the syringe going too far down the mouth but also directs the syringe to the cheek, instead of the back of the throat.

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Hemostatic cotton and iodophor are usually necessary for dressing wounds. you are easy to neglect to disinfect and clean the wound, which will lead to inappropriate care during the treatment. For children with no experience and lack of nursing knowledge, they are often unable to complete the correct nursing of the wound. It is of great importance to provide a care product combining iodophor disinfection and nursing hemostasis, which can better improve the emergency plan of nursing measures.

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Kango Dad Funtrip V141

Kango Dad Funtrip V141 is a car seat for children from 40 to 150 cm tall with 3 installation types. 360-degree rotation adjustment is simple and safe for a small baby. The inclination and rotation of the seat can be adjusted with one hand, which is very convenient. Specially cushion is ergonomically designed to hold baby's delicate skin and spine. The double-shell structure effectively reduces the injures during the impact. It has a number of patents and conforms to national and European R129 standards.

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